About Us


Our Beginnings

Centerpiece Box started in a 12' x 12' dirt floor backyard garage in Charlotte, NC.  We then expanded into a larger 24' x 20' garage with a concrete floor. We quickly outgrew that space and moved once again to Jamestown, NC.   Here we have a 25' x 50' space and need more yet again.  Currently (summer 2018), we are almost finished building a 2400 sq ft shop that will allow us to continue growth.  


Our Process

We hand make every box to order and take pride in delivering a quality woodworking product to our customers.  

All of our products start out as solid hardwood or are cut out of 4 x 8" sheets of cabinet grade ply.  Next is cutting the material to the dimensions needed and cutting the miter joints.  The miter cuts are done to preserve the grain pattern as it wraps around the corners it looks great!

Then off to assembly and finishing.


The Last, Most Important Step

Our last step in our box building process is a hand sand that gives the box that one of a kind handmade feel. Its hard to describe, but they have a certain warmth when you touch them.

Let us craft some boxes for you today!